Cruise into Your South Carolina Wedding: Unique Transportation Options That Make a Statement

Your South Carolina wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so everything should be very special. Certainly, the classic status of the limo is open to getting you, your partner, and your wedding party to and from in style. With a rich history and a varied landscape, South Carolina has it all to assure that a treasure chest of choices distinctively complements your wedding theme while offering an excellent manner to create a lifetime of memories for you and your guests.

Beyond the Ordinary: Exploring Unique Wedding Transportation Options

Horse-drawn carriages: Let romantic timelessness reign as you convey yourself to your beloved, slowly and surely, with the unmatched class of a regal horse-drawn carriage. Ideal for the fairytale-inspired wedding or the one going with a rustic theme, it adds elegance and grandeur to your entry into the venue hosting the ceremony. If you’re taking a carriage, try and take one from a company that prioritizes animal welfare. Always look for carriages that offer enough legroom so that horses can stretch, and ask what kind of care is offered in their routine.

Case Study: Ashley and Michael’s Charleston Soiree

Ashley and Michael’s soiree at Middleton Place Plantation, just outside Charleston, was dripping with southern charm. They even arrived in style at the property’s landscaped gardens and antebellum architecture in the most beautiful white horse-drawn carriage. “It was like stepping into another time,” remembers Ashley, “and even the clip-clopping of the horse’s hooves and that plush carriage interior combining to add a little magic to the day.”

Vintage Airstreams: If just a splash of quirky glam is what you’re after, vintage Airstream trailers have you covered. These aluminum beauties turn into chic shuttles, even stylish mobile bars, for every relaxed and non-conventional wedding. Be sure to hire a skilled Myrtle Beach family photographer to capture all the unique details of your Airstream decor. Make sure to look for such companies that offer airstream customization options in rentals so that you can have full freedom in decorating inside and outside according to your theme.

Pro Tip: Pick an Airstream according to the season and the venue. For summer wedding events or if your venue is not shaded, go for a bigger one with a climate control system.

Classic Cars: Step out in style on your big day with a vintage car rental. South Carolina hosts a bustling and thriving classic car scene, including everything from some of the sleekest Jaguars to some of the hottest vintage muscle cars. This option is ideal for couples who share a love for a particular era or car design.


Guest transportation in style: Remember to let classic vehicles only carry the couple. You may engage the services of a vintage car company to ferry your guests in cases of weddings where the parking sites do not have on-site parking, or there is not enough on-site parking, especially for churches and reception areas. That will give you a touch of elegance and a nice arrival for your guests.

Trolleys: A pinch of fun and nostalgia can be added to the day with an enjoyable ride on trolley cars. Ideal for larger wedding parties, the trolley is the fun and social way to move your guests from the site of your ceremony to the site of your reception. Especially good for weddings in historic districts or on cobblestone streets.

Logistics and Route Planning: When considering trolleys, you have to consider the route of your choosing and the fact that some roads could be restricted. Ensuring the selected trolley company is a holder of appropriate licenses to move around in your required area.

Waterfront Wedding Boats: It makes the most of the opportunity for the grand entrance by water at this exquisite shoreline of South Carolina. If your event is to be waterfront, rent a private boat or yacht to bring you and your wedding party. Breathtaking water views and a cool ocean breeze will make your arrival unforgettable.

Safety First: Be sure this company is fully licensed and has, at its employ, skippers with many years of experience in playing these local waters. A safety briefing will be one of the briefings and is paramount for all guests before setting off.

Matching Your Ride to Your Style

That is one of the pretty things with flexibility in these odd transport modes, and this one varies to meld with plenty of different styles of wedding themes.

Rustic Weddings: Horse-drawn carriages and vintage trucks are perfect for a touch of down-home charm.

Vintage Weddings: Airstreams and classic cars embody the nostalgia of a bygone era.

Classic Weddings: Opt for timeless elegance with a Rolls Royce or a Bentley.

Glamorous Weddings: Make a grand entrance in a luxurious yacht or a sleek limousine.

Beyond the Vehicle: Planning and Logistics

While the chosen vehicle is a star attraction, remember to consider the following logistical aspects:

Guest Capacity: Ensure the chosen vehicle comfortably accommodates you, your partner, and your wedding party.

Route Suitability: Always consider a pick-up vehicle that would easily pass through the route between your ceremony and reception venues. Some even consider issues like the width of the roads and possible clearance.

If you are only comfortable with renting for your wedding event, you can check rental companies for good transportation service providers for weddings in South Carolina. Read online reviews, check for licensing and insurance, and ask about their experience doing weddings.

Pricing and Availability: Budgeting for a Memorable Ride

Of course, the specific vehicle, how long it is rented, and any other assistance you may require during your day will certainly help to determine the price of the classic wedding transportation of your choice. Generally speaking, though, you may expect:

Horse-Drawn Carriages: Expect to pay between $300 and $500 per hour for a horse-drawn carriage rental.


Vintage Airstreams: An Airstream starts at $500 for the day plus additional fees for customizations and bartending (if needed).

Classic Cars: The price of a classic car rental varies depending on the make, model, and year. Prices can start at around $300 for a classic sedan and go up to $2,000 or more for a top-notch luxury car.

Trolleys: Most trolleys go at an hourly rate between $1000 and $2000, with minimum set durations for the trolleys to be rented.

Boats: Prices of boat or yacht charters for your wedding vary greatly, depending on the size of the boat, its amenities, and the number of days the cruise would last. For some hours of cruising, the cost usually ranges in the several thousands.

Finding the Perfect Ride: Tips for Booking Your Unique Transportation

Here are some helpful tips to secure your dream wedding transportation in South Carolina:

Book Early: If you have one of those preferred most popular wedding dates, want some unique transportation options, or have your heart set on a certain vendor, make your reservation at least 6-8 months ahead, especially during the two peak times in the wedding seasons (spring and fall).

Consider Weekday Weddings: If pocket money is a concern, go for a weekday wedding. Weekday rentals usually include the same service or product at a very low cost compared to weekends.

Make sure all additional costs are factored in, including the usual basic rent costs, such as fuel charges, driver tips, and any permits that one may need to incur.

Read reviews and ask questions: Read reviews and ask as many questions from the potential transportation providers about their experiences of doing such weddings, safety involved, and if they have any limitations on the vehicle of your choice.

South Carolina Wedding Transportation Vendors (Please note: This is not an exhaustive list and doesn’t endorse any vendor. Always do your own research and due diligence before choosing a vendor.)

Charleston Trolley Tours: Company offering trolleys of various rental types for weddings in the Charleston area (

The Vintage Van includes a team of highly motivated and skilled experts with an exquisite hallmark in renting out impeccably restored vintage Airstream trailers for weddings and events all over South Carolina. (

Paradise Carriage Company: offers elegant, eloquently appointed horse-drawn carriage rentals for weddings in the Myrtle Beach area:

Southeast Classic Car Rentals: Provides classic car rental services to its clients on their wedding days throughout South Carolina (

Conclusion: Your Grand Entrance Awaits

Your wedding transportation is far more than a ride from point A to point B. It’s an entrance and a statement of your theme for the day, not to mention memories for a lifetime. Look for a wide range of transportation options exclusive to the most special day and the style that suits you best, which is unique to South Carolina.